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building permit needed

A building permit is required for the change of use, construction or demolition of any building or addition, alterations, signs, swimming pool fence, the installation of fireplaces and wood-burning stoves, sundecks, etc., as well as for new heating and plumbing installations or alterations

 some of the bag remodeling or improvement projects may involve structural adjustments or enlarge re-workings of underway electrical and measure circuits.  These jobs are perhaps among the most difficult, and maybe dangerous.  They may modify be susceptible to mistakes which can be quite costly.  Plumbing, for example, involves locomotion under the house.

So, before a homeowner can move an addition, the city department anywhere in the concern which oversees private construction projects must issue a building permit.   It is this accept actually that insures that the building permit plans foregather certain building codes, and only those eligible workers will handle the essential rewiring and refitting needs in the house.


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