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About HomeContractorsDirect.com

At Homecontractorsdirect.com we have the commitment to serve our customers at our best and we believe that interacting with the customer is the best way to know their comments and complaints, we act and listen our customers to bring them the best experience possible. We are a very tight team at Homecontractorsdirect.com and we celebrate all our triumphs and victories as a team. We treat all of our members with the same respect, honesty and candor.

We are constantly introducing new technologies and features to the site, because we do not want to get stuck in a place and our commitment with the customer is to give always the latest advances and we focus on doing the best job possible for our users and customers, investors, employees, partners and everybody who is related to us.

At Homecontractorsdirect.com we are not obligated but we are committed to screen the professionals working for the site in order to bring to the customer the best service possible so we follow a process of verification of the skills of every professional by the following ways. This also applies to every professional who wants to know what will be requested in order to apply for a job at Homecontractorsdirect.com.

We verify the insurance of every professional. We contact the insurance to verify the liability of their insurance related to the services they are willing to provide at Homecontractorsdirect.com. We also verify the trade license at state-level and the state of business fillings if applicable.

In order to guarantee your safety, Homecontractorsdirect.com also searches the owner or principal of the company in different records like for example the sex offender web site in the state where the company is located and also we use different third party methods to search for criminal records or any relevant criminal activity.

To prevent you from undesired problems we also search the owner or principal of the company for history of bankruptcy fillings against or by them and also for civil legal judgments against them at state level. Also we will search the owner or principal against liens.

To ensure the professionals comply with their obligations, we check their identity through the social security number and also we conduct a reverse phone lookup to identify the information is matching with the records provided by the professionals.

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$89.00 yearly Membership--$15 to $50 per lead depends on the size of the project.

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