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  • At Home Contractors Direct we want to provide you the best service as a professional. You got the skills but you need homeowners to hire you, and that’s what we are going to do for you. We provide construction leads and service generation for small and big projects. With our services you will find it very easy to find the right lead, project and remodeling jobs you are looking for.
  • You will get the widest market possible, nowadays when somebody is looking for a job or is looking for a product or service, the first thing they do is to check the internet. We are a portal committed to match homeowners and professionals and by being here you will target a very wide market and we will show the leads or projects you are looking for. If your competitors are not in the internet, you will get a high advantage against them.
  • To be in the internet is easy, you can make your own website, but a website means nothing without an advertising campaign, SEO campaign and other kind of promotions for your site. This is very expensive and it is not affordable for the small or medium sized companies or professionals. Your website will be useless if nobody can find you and also you will need to make the website, which has high costs. If you are at our website you will get the advertising done, because we run advertising campaigns and SEO for people being able to find us, and that’s the reason we got so many homeowners. If you are here you are making profit of this.

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    Add photos of your successfully completed projects in your portfolio so that you can gain trust with the home owners.
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    Begin receiving emails notifying you whenever a homeowner in your service area submits a home improvement project or requesting a support .You can chose to Bay the leads you only need.
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    For 24/7 you can connect with other home improvement pros for subcontracting of larger projects.
  • Message Form:
    Respond to posts from homeowners, business owners, questions. And build your company reputation.
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    Build your company reputation and credibility.
    Automatically receive email notification every customer reading.
  • Qiality leads starting at $15 per lead.

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  • Cut your expenses with our one-stop, cost-effective service. Eliminate the costs you will have to face to open and run internet business by yourself. A very basic website costs, even the yearly hosting costs alone, could run higher than what you pay us. But the most important, you save big on promotion and marketing campaign, because homeowners come here to offer their projects or jobs.
  • Wrap your internet costs into one low yearly membership fee and get an added value of superiour service.
  • Get peace of mind with our hassle-free, one-time-per-lead fees. You get quality leads at one-time cost per lead, period. No more hassles. No monthly billing or any hidden costs. No further costs whatsoever.
  • Never pay a dollar more than you should. Our fee system is crystal-clear and accomodates projects both small and large. Buy individual leads at fixed rates depending on the overall cost of the project: $20.00 for $100 - $500 project, $25.00 for $500 - $1,000 project, $30.00 for $1,000 - $5,000 project, $50.00 for $5,000 - $20,000 and over. Buy bulk leads at as low as 15$ per lead.
  • LIMITED-TIME OFFER: act now to secure a promotion membership price of $129 $89 per year.

    What will I get with the Premium Membership?

  • Your business will be in the internet at a very low cost.
    We run campaigns and place ads to promote our site, and that directly benefits you.
  • You will gain advantage over your local competitors which are not advertised in the internet.
  • You will get projects you are suitable for. We filter according to your preferences,
    to offer you a good range of leads which are suitable for you.